Make ours Yours

We are looking for people with a passion for aviation to join our team of dispatchers

Your role as a Dispatcher

The role of a dispatcher is vital for every operation, regardless of size. Dispatch gives input to and receives from all departments of the airline and different external parties, ties it together, and provides safe and efficient flight planning for the flight and crew. If the crew is satisfied, the clients will be too. You have to pay attention to every detail to ensure the flight departs and arrives on time. Aviation is a dynamic field, no day is like other. It will be interesting for sure.

Your not-so-routine day

Flight planning starts with a request from the client to get from A to B. This information is passed, with all relevant details, to the dispatch, who starts with the preparation of the flight. This may include evaluation of airports, coordination with the crew, and arrangement of different services including basic handling. handling, fuel, SLOTs, flight permissions, and everything else the client asked for. May it be a helicopter transfer or an interesting catering request. Before departure, the flight plan is prepared and sent. The flight departs on time. During the flight, the position of the aircraft, the weather, and other important items are monitored, until the flight completes after the landing. Mission completed. There are many flights a day, all requiring a different approach. All around the world.

Your main tasks would be

  • Flight evaluation.
  • Analyzing weather information and NOTAMs.
  • Analyzing aviation charts and publications.
  • Arrangement of services for flights (ground handling, fuel, catering, hotel, transfer, etc.).
  • Arrangement of airport SLOTs.
  • Arrangement of overflight and landing permissions.
  • Aircraft performance and weight & balance calculations.
  • Coordination with service providers, clients, and crew.
  • Preparation of operational flight plan.
  • Preparation of ATC flight plan.
  • Operational control, flight watch, monitoring, tracking.
  • Emergency response.

Our expectations to You

  • Passion for aviation.


  • Job is 24/365 in shifts with standby time.
  • Office and home office.
  • We offer initial dispatch training (ICAO Doc 10106).
  • Company events together with our partners.
  • Monthly sports compensation.


  • We believe that everything is possible.
  • We don’t look for obstacles, but solutions.
  • We believe that the core of the (business) relationship is trust and honesty.


We will thoroughly evaluate all received CVs and cover letters and invite suitable candidates to an interview. After final evaluation and selection by us, candidates meeting our requirements will be offered a position in our team

Only suitable candidates will be contacted. Please give us some time for processing applications.


  • There is no deadline. You never know when the right person walks in. You just have to keep the door open.

Ready to make ours Yours?

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