Some people see a challenge
we see a dawn of a new adventure

Your adventure

The truth

The truth about the flying is, that it is almost never about the flight itself.
It is about your destination, what and who waits for you there.
It might be a business deal, meeting with old friends or leisure trip with the family.

The founders of Your Flight Support combined their experience and knowledge to share it with our customers.
Our goal is to arrange your flight as smoothly as possible.

What do we offer?

Services for you


Everything from simple scheduling, VFR route consultation to NAT tracks and ETOPS.


Ground handling, fuel arrangements, catering, hotels, transfers to auditing.


Landing or overflight permissions, airport SLOT or PPR, airport opening extension arrangements.

Operational Control & Tracking

From departure to arrival MVT, worldwide tracking, CTOT management and monitoring.


Crew planning and control according to the EASA or other rules.

  • flight permits
  • route planning
  • fuel planning
  • operational control
  • flight tracking
  • communication
  • ETOPS planning
  • route alternates
  • driftdown
  • pre-flight analysis
  • consultation
  • ground handling
  • fuel
  • airport SLOT / PPR
  • takeoff calculation
  • catering
  • transfer
  • ground handling
  • airport SLOT / PPR
  • landing calculation
  • transfer
  • hotel
  • hangar
  • post-flight analysis
  • data storage

Availability of the services depends on the specific aircraft type, area of operation, crew qualifications, equipment, contracts, etc.


Flight dispatch related training according to your needs.

– Air Law.
– Aircraft General Knowledge and Instrumentation.
– Flight Performance-, Planning and Loading Procedures.
– Meteorology.
– Navigation.
– Operational Procedures.
– Principles of flight.


Our team with very different backgrounds can help your business to the right track. We can help you with:

– Flight planning and dispatch procedures and policies setup.
– Flight operations related software evaluation and setup.
– Ground and fuel handling setup, contract negotiations, related manuals and procedures.
– Business negotiations with different providers and vendors.

Why should I pick you?

Wisdom, know-how and knowledge

Years of

Our dedicated team has staff with different aviation backgrounds. From VFR pilots to accountable managers, ground handling post holders to OCC managers of airlines. We have worked with business jet companies, FBOs, major airlines and everything in between.

According to

Rules and regulation are the foundation of modern aviation. Our staff has seen it from both sides, being audited and being auditors. Everything from local rules to EASA to FAA, IOSA, IS-BAO. We can help you to set up your AOC, EFB approval or flight support function or training function.


Our team of professional flight support staff has various backgrounds, from pilots, dispatchers and air traffic controllers. Most of them have finished aviation academy or similar. Everyone is trained in-house or abroad according to latest ICAO Doc 10106.


Our worldwide network of partners and contacts guarantees that we find a correct answer for you. We work in close cooperation with other service providers, aviation companies, operators, air traffic service providers, FBOs, airports and aviation education institutions.

IT systems
and tools

Leave the paper and pencil behind, modern aviation is all about integrated and automated systems. Our IT partners have years of experience and our staff has worked with all sorts of flight planning and scheduling tools. From Jeppesen, Lufthansa, Navblue to in-house coding of automated tools.

What solutions do you have?

Different options

Per service fee

Request a specific service you need and pay only for that. Perfect for a single ad-hoc flight, VFR pilot going to unfamiliar airspace or airport.

Per flight fee

We take care of all aspects of flight for one single price. Easy to handle, no special questions asked or hidden fees.

Aircraft subscription

We take care of all aspects of flight preparation and support for one single monthly or yearly subscription.

Fleet subscription

Perfect for airline customers who have a fleet of aircraft with more complex requirements and needs.

Other Services

Training, consulting, auditing, support with setup, software and systems evaluation.

Ready for departure?

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    Go to partner for all flight dispatch needs from simple quotation to full trip support. Friendly and helpful staff at any time.
    Diamond Sky
    Sometimes you just need professional advise for your leisure or business trip to unknown place. Trouble and surprise free service.
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